I’ve been watching the Open

I’ve been watching the Open Brackets | Textism romance from afar for a couple months now, and it’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s great to see the sloppy-romantic-fresh-love stuff from both points of view and watch as he moved to France. It’s like a serial romance in three paragraph entries with (I’m sure) lots of information left out. It’s just sweet and pure and beautiful. I hope it lasts for them. They’re both great writers, and from what I’ve read by them, swell folk.\
Again, this brings me back to my curiousity about the whole bloggy-thing we’ve got going on now. After watching the Kaycee Nicole thing explode recently, and tons of BBS, e-mail explosions in the distant past, the power of the communal internet (you know, the non-selling crap part) continues to amaze me.

Top Five BlogTwins

This list bothers me only because they’re all female and I’m not sure what that says about me:

  1. Firda of Weblog Wannabe
  2. Caroline of Prolific.org
  3. Meg of Not So Soft
  4. Meg of Megnut\
    #Caterina of Caterina.net\
    What’s great is that Megnut and Caterina.net ARE two of my favorite blogs. I don’t know the other three, but hey, maybe thing this is right after all. Who’s your twin? (beware the popup ad).

Football Observations

I feel I’m breaking some kind of rule here talking about football in a blog, since I started my blog-life reading erudite journals about the industry, photography and literature. And now, here I am writing about football. Well, that’s just who I am, baby. I dig the geeky, and the banal. I’m a conundrum wrapped in a perplexity wrapped in flaky pastry.\
Sorry, had to do it. Now on to what I think about week 1 in the NFL (minus tonight’s game):

  1. I think LaDainian Tomlinson is the real thing. 113 yards in his first game is one thing, but the kid blocked like a veteran and didn’t make any glaring rookie mistakes that I could see.
  2. The Chargers D will rival the Ravens for #1 this year. They looked absolutely awesome yesterday. I’m not sure if the Redskins are really that bad, or if the Chargers just stifled them.
  3. The Redskins really are that bad.
  4. It’s definitely week 1. With all the games without touchdowns and poor offensive play, it looked like everyone but the Colts and 49ers needed another week of training camp.
  5. Peyton Manning is the best QB in football, bar none. Watching him work the line of scrimmage, play the no-huddle like Jim Kelly on speed and make some impossible throws was just poetry. Also, that 9-yard run yesterday blew me away. For a “pocket” QB, he’s got quite a motor on him. He played an impeccible game yesterday.\
    I think that’s it for this week. On a completely separate subject, we watched Band of Brothers last night, and I was slightly disappointed. Maybe it was all the hype, but I was expecting more. It seemed like Tom Hanks and Mr. Spielberg are trying to redo Private Ryan and fix the shortcomings of the movie. I’ll try it again next week, but it didn’t grab me like I expected it to. Something about it seems “off”, either something missing or too much of something else. I can’t put my finger on it.