And So It Begins

I have a lot of stuff to talk about today, and I’m not sure where I want to start. Let’s start with the weekend movie reviews and see what I have energy for.

Enemy at the Gates: I think there should be more movies about the horrible time the Russians had during WW2. The US lost 500,000 soldiers in Europe and Pacific combined. The British, about the same (I could be wrong about that one). The Russians lost 20 million soldiers and civilians during the war, some killed by their own commanders. There are some amazing stories from the war, and in all the hoopla from the past couple years for WW2, it’s time to show stories that aren’t American. Enemy at the Gates is a great example of what I’d like to see more of. While showing the horror of the war for the Russian people, it’s really an intimate story of four people and how they cope with their situation. The suspense is great, the acting superb, and the duel between Jude Law and Ed Harris’ characters was superb. I enjoyed this movie, and I think anyone who liked Private Ryan, but thought it was missing something, this movie has what was missing, I think. Definitely a great rental.

Momento: Woo-hoo, we’re two for two this weekend! This was a fun mystery. It reminded me a lot of The Usual Suspects. It’s a well-made movie with a great gimmick executed perfectly. The first viewing is eye-opening, and a great ride, and it might hold up to a second viewing to try to catch all the clues. It’s not a movie I’ll watch again, but it’s one I’d definitely recommend if you like film noir or good mysteries. The performances were all solid, and the story was nicely paced and the payoff was perfect. I would have loved to have seen the story told in the chronological order and see if it affected the impact of the ending. I’m sure it would, but it would still be fun to see.

Now that I’m on a roll… Football!! Football, football, football!! It’s here, it’s started, the first quarter of the Colts-Jets game has ended, and I couldn’t be happier!! It’s time for popcorn and fantasy football and yeah yeah yeah. Can you tell I like football?

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