In no particular order, for

In no particular order, for your Monday Morning, post-fantasy football loss, enjoyment:

Kevin’s Top 4 Foreign Films in No Particular Order

  • Toto Le Hero: By Jaco van Dormael (he has two in the top four, how cool is he?), this is the story of two men switched at birth and the places their lives intersect. An amazing story with some very funny twists thrown in.
  • The Eigth Day: Also by van Dormael, this is the story of George, a man with Down Syndrome. It’s sweet, romantic, funny and heartbreaking. A must-see. If you live in Sterling, I might even loan it to you.
  • Kolya: This movie made me cry and cry, like a little baby. Maybe I’ll tell you why later. At the beginning of the film, you’ll find no reason to like the main character. By the end, you’ll wonder why you felt that way. Heartbreaking and sweet, but not in a Hallmark way.
  • The Nasty Girl: The lies we tell ourselves about the past. A young woman investigates her small German town and their part in World War 2. A great movie.
  • Five would be here, but i’m drawing a blank… sorry, i’m not caffeinated yet.
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