The Whole Story Finally

Finally, here’s the Pic-couch-nic story. Jen had the great idea this week that she and I should have a romantic picnic in our backyard yesterday during Max’s nap. She went out and got veggie dip, yummy chocolate cake, a rotisserie chicken and fresh sourdough bread. She put Max down while I was in the shower, got the food ready upstairs and put the blanket out.

Then, things got interesting. When I got out of the shower, I heard Max fussing. I went in to check on him, and it was pretty easy to see the boy wasn’t ready to go down for a nap. So, I took him downstairs. Jen, ever the improviser, decided to scrap going outside. SO, we had a lovely little pic-couch-nic. It was great: no bugs, no hard ground, and Max got to join us!

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By Kevin Lawver

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