Aborted Griping

I was going to write a dissertation on thinking “out of the box”, but t’ain’t the season for work griping.\
In the spirit of not griping, I give you this morning. When I got up, I was sure it had snowed. I looked out over the top of our bathroom curtains and saw the clouds laying low in a grey cottony carpet over the cemetary across the street. Then, as I walked farther into the bathroom, I saw that the cemetary hill was still green, and it had in fact just rained.\
I’ve been praying for snow lately. I know as soon as it shows up, I’ll pray for it to leave. I want to take Max out in the snow. Last year, he was a little young to play in it, but this year, I think he’ll be snow-crazy, and so will I. There’s something magical about a kid’s first real snow day, making his first snowball, first snow angel and catching his first snowflake on his nose.\
Come on, snow, come on!!