Because I’m in a funk

Because I’m in a funk and feeling sleepy, I present my\
Favorite Sad/Mellow Songs (song:artist):

  1. Teardrop: Massive Attack
  2. Weather Storm: Massive Attack
  3. Wish: Mephisto Odyssey
  4. In Spite of Me: Morphine
  5. The Night: Morphine
  6. Take Me With You: Morphine (sensing a Morphine theme here?)
  7. Gone for Good: Morphine
  8. Is Jesus Your Pal?: GusGus
  9. Anthem: GusGus
  10. Jayme Lynn: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  11. Nothingness: Living Colour (only good song off their last album)
  12. She’s Already Made Up Her Mind: Lyle Lovett
  13. North Dakota: Lyle Lovett
  14. Family Reserve: Lyle Lovett (all off of Joshua Judges Ruth – what an
    excellent album)\
    There are more. I forgot a lot of people, like Leonard Cohen, Randy
    Newman and Jeff Buckley. Leonard Cohen for writing Hallelujah and
    Jeff Buckley for singing it, and The Last Goodbye. Randy Newman for
    several songs, but mostly for one he played on
    Session at West 54th
    that he said hadn’t been recorded yet called, I Miss You. That song
    tore me up. And actually, it’s the last song on his new
    Of CD
    . I know what’s going in my stocking this year…\
    There’s something about real sad songs, and movies, that I can’t
    shake. They can’t be stupid or fake. They can’t be Hallmark sappy.
    There has to be genuine, or at least the appearance of genuine pain
    behind it in order for it to work. Sad songs, like the Blues, make
    me happy. Sadness is life-affirming. Sadness means that you’re still
    kicking and will most likely be happy again. I don’t like constantly
    morose songs, or Goth depression. Real sadness in a song though is
    refreshing. You should try it.

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