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I’m still thinking about the book I want to write. There are only a few things I know enough about to fill a book: AOLserver, Tcl, SQL, HTML and CSS being up on the list. I think a book about all of those things without a hook could be a huge jumbled mess and take way too long to complete. So, I’m leaning towards a “You Can Build an Intranet in a Month” book about using a PC with RedHat, AOLserver and Postgres on it to create a useful and powerful intranet (much like the one I created for work only more formalized).

The problem I’m having with this concept is that there’s already a great community system out there for AOLserver. The problem is there are no books about it. You couldn’t go to Amazon and find an O’Reilly book on the ACS or AOLserver. Someone needs to write one, and while I’m not the expert on AOLserver, I’m good. I’ve been using it for years and have enough passion for it to fill a book of just praise for it. But, who wants to read that?

I’m still intrigued by the Group Project Manual of Style idea too. I may tackle that one first because it could be article-length and will be less server-specific.

Either way, I should shut up and start writing it.

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