Now, the Bucs have fired

Now, the Bucs have fired Tony Dungy. With Dennis Green, and now Tony Dungy on the market, the ‘skins went and signed Mr. Spurrier? Now, I admit that he’s a good coach with an offensive system that can put up a lot of points. The problem is the guy has no NFL track record. There’s no way of knowing how his style will translate. Green and Dungy both have proven track records.

I feel really bad for both guys. Dennis Green had to deal with a tragedy in training camp that you could tell sapped his team. They just weren’t the same. He had to deal with the unexpected loss of Robert Smith to retirement. After what he did for that franchise, you’d think the owner would realize that and let him try to redeem himself next season. Dungy only took the laughingstock of the NFL and turned them into a contender. The guy is all class. I’m hoping both guys resurface soon. I would love to see Green take over in Indy. To see him get ahold of the triumverate of Manning, James and Harrison would be a glory to behold. Dungy would be a good fit in San Diego where there defense has lost a little swagger. With Dungy in charge of head coaching and defense and Norv Turner heading the offense, I think they could be back in the playoffs in no time.

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By Kevin Lawver

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