TiVo Weekend Movie Review: Thanks

TiVo Weekend Movie Review:

Thanks to TiVo, I watched a couple weird movies this weekend. The first, Jesus’ Son stars Billy Crudup as a Heroin junkie and all-around useless fellow who finds his calling in a “home”. It’s odd, and I should have paid more attention. The movie’s uneven, and probably not really worth watching other than Billy Crudup’s performance, and the scenes with Dennis Hopper and Denis Leary.

I also watched most of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. I saw it when it first came out on video, but I don’t remember it being quite so disturbing. It’s a movie I’ll have to watch in half-hour episodes. But, if you loved the show, you’ll want to see the movie. It’s just plain twisted though, so don’t watch it late at night or without all the lights on (yes, I’m a big chicken).

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