Weekend Notes In no particular

Weekend Notes

In no particular order:

  • Max has decided that sleeping through the night is not the best idea in the world. He’s taken to waking up at random intervals during the night and/or insanely early and not letting us hear the end of it until one of us goes and gets him. I am not pleased. He’s been such a good sleeper almost his whole life. This can’t start now! Sleep, little man, sleep!!! You’re like you’re mom. You love to sleep. You would sleep for 18 hours a day if you didn’t like Blues Clue’s so much. Yeah, maybe that’ll work.
  • It’s time to go get new glasses. I can’t tell if it’s sinus pressure, or what, but I’m having a hard time focusing today.
  • This weekend’s playoff games were all great. They were all extremely different. There were two close ones, two complete dismantlings of different kinds, some amazing plays (that trick “What’s the call?” direct snap by the Steelers ties the wacky WR Reverse lateral by the Rams during the regular season as coolest play ever). I love the playoffs, but there are only three more games this year until the Hall of Fame game and the rest of the pre-season fun at the end of the summer.
  • So, now that Aiden’s out of the picture on Sex and the City, is Carrie going to move in with Miranda? Jen brought this up as we were trying to go to sleep. Aiden’s moving out, but he bought Carrie’s apartment. So, that logically means that Carrie’s gonna get evicted eventually, right? There are only two or three more episodes in the mini-season, so I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work out.
  • Six Feet Under won the Golden Globe for best drama. Wow, that’s an amazing accomplishment for a show in its first season and with such a short run. I can’t wait for the second season to start in March (about the same time the new Sopranos season starts).
  • Now that we have TiVo, I’ve noticed that we’ve stopped watching a lot of the network shows we used to. We’re replacing them with either late-night talk recorded the night before, or cable shows from during the day. Boston Public and Ally McBeal were the first to go (Ally’s just been horrible this season, but it was a habit. TiVo: the habit forming habit breaker). That’s Life was next. How many more will fall off the Season Pass list before we are fully assimilated?
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