Green Snot

Oh, look at all the pretty colors in that thing I just coughed up! I see
green, a little pink, yellow. It’s like a Paul Klee that got left out in
the rain. I hate winter. Yes, I know not long ago I was fantasizing
about snow, but this winter has been mild so far. All of a sudden,
winter came back yesterday after a week of tempertures in the sixties
and seventies. Boom! Thirty-five, thirty mph wind and snow. Do you know
what happens to people with allergies and asthma when there’s a sudden
temperture change? We flip out. The body decides to rebel against the
cold by battening down the hatches of my face with mucous. It’s a
never-ending flood. My face fills up with sandbags against the cold.
Like the extra insulation is really needed for the five minutes a day
I’m actually outside. Damn you, body! Can’t you evolve into a nice
housebody? One with a nice, regulated, amount of mucous? I don’t need
strategic snot reserves. I really don’t.

So, anyway, how are you?

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