I am so tempted. Unfortunately, I can’t because I work for the company that owns HBO, but man would I love it. Every time I think I understand the system, something happens to shake my faith it. This whole thing with Cheney and refusing to turn over documents about the energy taskforce is driving me nuts. I don’t want the energy policy for my country decided in secret after talking to the heads of all the major energy brokers. Everything about government that’s not related to national security should be transparent and out in the open. This wasn’t an RNC meeting. It was a meeting between the Vice President of the United States and people who spent a lot of money on his campaign (not just his, but several). The American people have a right to know what decision lead to the policies that are inflicted on us. It’s the only way we can make informed decisions about who to vote for and what to support.

My favorite part of the administration’s argument is the need for “unvarnished” advice. You’ll never get “unvarnished” advice from a CEO for a company you’re about to set a regulatory policy for. The argument is thinner than Calista Flockhart. You’ll never get completely objective advice from anyone who’s actually involved or affected by a policy. The only way to come to an semi-objective conclusion is to take all of the subjective advice, compare it to the available facts and proceed with a course of action.

I have to actually get work done now, but I’ll come back to this topic at some point, I’m sure.

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By Kevin Lawver

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