Do you read PhotoDude? He’s

Do you read PhotoDude? He’s a photographer down in Atlanta, and since September, has been writing what he calls his “War Blog”. I visited his site before September for his beautiful photography. Now the photos don’t get updated as often, but the opinions flow like water. His frequent collections of quotes are especially worth reading as he finds opinions from all over. It’s been very interesting to me to watch as his writing has become more cynical and critical. It mirrors my own downward spiral from being 100% behind the administration to now wondering how much more our world can become like 1984. I’ve resisted writing about it because I’m not sure I can get everything out that I want to say in anything resembling a coherent form. Reid, I’m glad you’re out there and speaking your mind and spookily speaking mine as well, but man, can we get a little sunshine every once in a while?

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By Kevin Lawver

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