I had Max all to

I had Max all to myself last night. Jen had to go to church to herd her girls into something meaningful, so it was a boy’s night at Chez Lawver. We watched Lyle Lovett on Sessions at West 54th and some basketball. We played with Marbleworks, jumped on the couch (he did the jumping – I spotted), drank juice, sang songs and read books. It’s a lot funner now that he has a little personality and can keep up his end of the conversation. He danced with me to Lyle’s Church song, and after I made him listen to If I Had a Boat a couple times, tried to sing along with me.

I think he’s really close to reading too. He knows all his letters and can point them out (and does – ALL the time) when he sees them. He can spell his name, has been trying to spell “mommy” and “daddy” and has started recognizing words in the books we read. And to think, he’s only 2 and a half. If he’s reading by 3, I’ll be shocked. And what’s even crazier is he wants to. We’re not forcing him to spend time with his “letters”. He can’t get enough of them. I just hope he doesn’t get burned out and by Kindergarten, he’s bored with numbers and letters and wants to go back to colors, shapes and drooling.

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