We’re leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning. Jen keeps moving our departure time up by thirty minutes every time she thinks of some other reason for us to stop (changing diapers, Max decompression time, lunch, etc). Now, I think we’re leaving at 4:30am yesterday.

What do I do before a big trip? Why, I wipe the Powerbook clean and start over. I’m going to go to Best Buy and get a cigarette lighter adapter so Max can watch movies the whole way there, and then to the sto’ to buy soda and last-minute munchies. I have my directions and my big driving map. I’m going to get the oil changed at lunch, and debating about buying a cell phone. The one thing I don’t know is whether Ohio is Eastern or Central time. If it’s Central, that means we can leave an hour later (please, oh please).

I’ll have the Powerbook with me, so will hopefully be able to blog from the road. But, don’t look for anything insightful (do you ever get anything insightful here anyway?). See ya on Monday!

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By Kevin Lawver

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