Killer Apps

There are things I have today that I don’t remember living without. I
remember the days before e-mail, but do I think I could live without it
now? Nope, not for a single day. I’d go crazy. My favorite application,
that I don’t think I could live with if it disappeared has got to be
Mapquest. Every time I drive
somewhere new, I go right there. Every time we take a roadtrip – it’s
the first place I go. Like this morning, after I got out of my meeting,
I went to Mapquest to plan our trip to Ohio. Mapquest told me it will
take six hours and forty-three minute to drive from
. I know it’s 376.37 miles between my front door and the hotel
where we’re staying, and I even have a nice little map of the route.
Thank you, internet!

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