Climbing Mountains or Digging Coal

I was talking to my manager today about what I want to do, specifically about how much of my time I want to spend coding and I came up with a new metaphor! Coding, especially in Ruby, isn’t the same challenge it used to be. Do I still like it? Sure, it’s fun, and I… Continue reading Climbing Mountains or Digging Coal

Importing Rdio Playlists (and Your Collection) Into Google Music

My beloved Rdio is dying, and soon. They ran out of money, sold all their assets in a fire sale and have given their users about a week to find a new music home. I tried Apple Music, but quickly ran into limitations (song limit, my patience with their awful UI, horrible apps for importing… Continue reading Importing Rdio Playlists (and Your Collection) Into Google Music

Murray Wilson Is Awesome

My pal Murray Wilson does great things – he and AWOL take kids the system doesn’t want and teaches them to take apart, clean and refurbish computers the system doesn’t want – computers that would otherwise go to the landfill. They then put linux on them and put them out into the community with families… Continue reading Murray Wilson Is Awesome

Pythagoras Switch

The boys are in love with these videos from a Japanese kids’ show called Pitagora Suicchi (Pythagoras Switch) on YouTube and have made me watch several of them this morning. Not the worst thing I’ve been made to watch… \ And here’s part 2.

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BarCampDC: The Kid Comes Along

\ by Kelly Gifford (that’s Dr. Joe talking to Max)\ Max and I went to BarCampDC this Saturday. BarCamp is an “un-conference” (no set schedule, everyone participates), and they’re held all over the world. This one was organized by Jason Garber, Jackson Wilkinson and Justin Thorp. They did a great job, and were cool with… Continue reading BarCampDC: The Kid Comes Along

Why My Site Has Been Down

I love Dreamhost a lot and usually highly recommend them to everyone, but recently, they’ve had some real problems keeping everything up and running around here. I was glad to see them blog about the trouble and what they’re doing to fix it. I love transparency.

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