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Max and I presented today at the Telfair’s Pulse art and technology fair for “family day”. Our presentation went over some of the fun stuff we’ve done together with technology and how people can get their kids to find creative outlets through geekery. We had a lot of fun, and Max had a blast presenting (he did a great job).\
Here’s how we came up with the presentation:

* Two weeks before the presentation, Max and I sat down and talked about what stuff we’ve played with he’d want to tell people about and built an outline.

* I went back later and created the actual presentation, filling in the gaps and figuring out what I wanted to say in the intro and conclusion.

* The week before the presentation, we practiced the demos and came up with the idea of having him tell me how to do everything (instead of the traditional “Mr. Wizard” style approach).

* The morning of, we went through it again and made sure he had some idea of what he wanted to say during his parts.\
I didn’t want to put a huge burden on him, since this was his first time in front of what could have been a large crowd. But, he was very involved in writing the presentation and walked me through all the demos.\
He had so much fun that he wants to present again, maybe at this year’s Geekend.\
Here are the slides if you’re interested:

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By Kevin Lawver

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