The Weekend Entertainment Roundup

Ice age: We took Max to see this movie on Saturday and we enjoyed it way more than he did. He got bored with about twenty minutes left and started walking up and down our row flipping the seats down and watching them spring back up. For a movie that made almost $50 million this weekend, the theater was surprisingly empty (which is the only reason we let him wander – no one to annoy). The movie is really funny, much more so than I thought it would be. The only problem was the lady behind me, who exclaimed “Oh my GAWD!” every time something was ABOUT to happen. Jeez lady, it’s a KID’S movie. The plot’s not so outrageous that it warrants exclamations every two minutes. I bet she wet herself watching

Momento: “Oh my GAWD, it’s backwards!!!”

Zoolander: The rental of the weekend. This was a little odd, and I don’t think hit the mark. It’s funny, and there are some great performances, especially Owen Wilson and Will Farrell, but it kind of falls flat. The premise was really funny, and the cameos were kind of fun, but it’s just OK. Worth renting, but I would have been disappointed if I saw it in the theater. Speaking of disappointment…

Rush Hour 2: Can you tell I wasn’t in the mood to think about the movies I watched this weekend? This movie sucked. It sucked so bad I’m embarrassed for Jackie Chan.

Iron Chef: Unisex Salmon Battle: I bring this up just because every dish made my mouth water. It all looked amazing. If you don’t watch Iron Chef, you should.

Saturday Night Live: Is it just me, or does SNL rise and fall with the talent of the host? This week was great! The Donatella Versace sketch was actually funny this time, Weekend Update was better than it usually is and even the throw-away sketches like the Turkish talk show were very funny. And the “kiss” during Weekend Update had to be the funniest moment of the year.

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