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In an effort to not talk about politics, terrorism or the middle east, here’s a collection of random stuff on my mind:

This morning, I got an urgent request to crunch some server logs. Now, that’s not so fun. But, taking the crunched data and inserted approximately seven hundred and seventy thousand records into a database – that’s fun. It’s on #505397 and has been running for a little more than an hour. It should be finished by 1:15, or thereabouts. Why is this fun? I’ve never done anything where I tried to insert over 700,000 items into a database at once. Yes, “firsts” are fun.

How does John Stockton do it? The man just turned forty and he’s still a great basketball player. I think I’ve figured it out. He’s boring. Yep, that’s it. He’s committed to his family, his church and the game, and that’s apparently about it. He likes golf and crossword puzzles. In a couple paragraphs in his latest column, Marty Burns tells us all we need to know about Mr. Stockton’s lifestyle. He’s not like a lot of today’s players that live high-risk lives and burn out. He’s even-keeled and boring, and well, just keeps on going. Great role-model, and I hope he coaches on day. Do I have an explanation for Karl Malone? Ummm… nope. He kind of shoots my theory out of the water. I think Karl’s a mutant.

They cancelled bowling tonight because Maryland is in the NCAA Finals. Yeah, well, fine. I guess I can watch the game and wait until next week for another dreadful showing in GutterLand.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Not sure why. I think maybe I’m coming down with dad’s flu… I really shouldn’t kiss him when he’s sick (April Fool’s!! I don’t kiss my dad, you sickos).

Speaking of, I hate April Fool’s day. I only ever pulled off one good April Fool’s gag, and it was all Jen’s idea. Last year, we were going over to the fam’s for dinner. Max was about 18 months old. So, we decide to drop hints like Jen’s expecting kid numero dos. She made frequent trips to the bathroom and complained about not feeling well. I kept telling her to take it easy, got her pillows, drinks, etc. (writing this, I’m not sure how different this is from every day… again, just kidding). So, after dinner, and successfully pulling off this charade, my sister blurted out, “Are you guys PREGNANT?!” We turned a little red, and tell everyone, yes, we’re pregnant. We let that sink for a minute and then fell apart laughing and yelled, “APRIL FOOLS!!” My mom wasn’t impressed. And even now, when we bring it up, she says, “That wasn’t funny…”

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By Kevin Lawver

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