Go Away, Bill I despise

Go Away, Bill

I despise Bill Walton as a basketball announcer. He’s a flagrant Lakers supporter, biased, banal and annoying. His mock-gravitas is grating. His unending garbage metaphor and purile catch phrases make watching the games almost unbearable. I find myself muting the commentary instead of subjecting myself to the buck-toothed wonder. I hope ESPN is smart enough to realize that they can do better than Mr. Walton. Please, a team of Dick Vitale, Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay and Gilbert Gottfried would be better than anyone and Bill Walton.

On a related note, how much of a let down have the Finals been? The Lakers/Kings series was awesome. It was the best basketball I’ve seen in years, and brought me back. Of the two and a half games in the Finals so far, it’s just been depressing. New Jersey is completely overmatched by the Lakers. Now that Shaq is hitting free throws, it’s pretty much over. It’s predictable, boring basketball. Snooze-o-rama.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. I have no idea what his sexual orientation is, but the kid has some real basketball talent. You better be careful what you say about any member of the Wildcat family. My wife might just hunt you down. Plus, Luke doesn’t have the same annoying habit of grabbing any microphone around and pontificating ad nauseum with his meaningly tripe.

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