I try not to be

I try not to be completely cynical, but it’s getting harder and harder. With everything that’s going on in the world, how can anyone be optimistic or even believe in the altruism of others? For example, President Bush is proposing that Worldcom be investigated and those responsible do time. Where was this fury for Enron? Oh, I guess Mr. Ebbers didn’t donate enough money to the campaign.

In the interest of disclosure, Worldcom is right down the street from us, and I have friends at church who work there and had all of their 401k in the company stock (which if I knew, I would advise against – I mean, you can believe in your company, but don’t be naive). But, I don’t know anyone who works at Xerox and the same thing applies.

I just can’t believe that things are going to get better, and that I’ll ever get that idealism back. Everyone in charge is crooked. No one’s clean. I ask anyone to please find me a clean politician, CEO or corporate lawyer.

It makes me feel powerless. There’s nothing I can do to affect change in the world on a scale past my neighborhood, and even that would require me to have the drive to attempt something, and I just don’t.

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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.