It has been one crazy

It has been one crazy week. Jen’s parents are coming into town tomorrow night (a lovely drive around the beltway to go pick them up), so she’s been working me pretty hard this week to finish up last-minute decorating projects. This week I’ve:

  • Painted part of the basement red

  • Installed hooks in the basement ceiling for Jen’s ingenius faux closet

  • Install a nifty little wire curtain rod from Ikea (using drywall anchors and wire cutters too, I might add)

  • There’s something else I’m missing… I swear I’ve done more than that

Work has been equally busy with all kinds of things going nuts at the same time and very little rest in sight. So, I’m looking forward to birthday parties this week, pinochle, photos and fun.

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By Kevin Lawver

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