Isn’t this a declaration of

a declaration of war? If it’s true, and we really don’t have any reason
to believe otherwise, haven’t we just said that heads of state are fair
game, and the Iraqi government should understand we’ve just declared war
on them by George W signing the order to assassinate him (which we all
know is what it means by “remove”)?

I’m not a supporter of Iraq. I don’t like Saddam. I don’t necessarily
think it’s a bad idea to get rid of him. I think it’s a really bad move
to announce, “Hey, we’re going to come kill your president.” before
we’ve actually done it. Professionals don’t let things like this get
out. You don’t announce a secret CIA mission to assassinate a head of
state until it’s over and done with, and even then, you probably
shouldn’t tell anyone. It’s bad form.

The more I see and hear from the Administration, the less faith I have
in them.

I’d talk about this more, but Big Johnnie’s watching, and I wouldn’t
want to be held without being able to see a lawyer, speak to anyone or
expect my civil rights to be respected.

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