We’re making marshmallows tonight! I

We’re making marshmallows tonight! I am so excited. The recipe looks really simple and if we get brave we may try making chocolate ones as well. Then tomorrow, it’s over to my parents’ house for the big barbecue and s’mores for dessert.

In other insane the-end-must-be-near news, Jen and I beat her parents at pinochle!! To set this up for you, her parents have been married for almost three decades, and have been pinochle partners the whole time. Jen and I have been together for almost six years, and only play pinochle when we’re around them. So, this was a momentous occasion. It was unbelievable. Helped by my double-run in spades and dumb luck, we pulled off a herioc victory and exulted much into the night.

After winning, we promptly dropped the next two games in our usual “not a bang, but a whimper” fashion.

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By Kevin Lawver

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