Booooooomtown Homirobbery Division

We watched two new cop shows this weekend, Robbery Homicide Division and Boomtown. First, Robbery Homicide Division was ok. It’s better than CSi, but far worse than any of the Law & Order series or NYPD Blue. The weird part is it’s hard to nail down what’s wrong with it. LA is ripe for a good cop show. All the other good cop series on TV are in New York, and LA has enough crime to accomodate several shows, don’t you think? Tom Sizemore was good. The production quality was good. I think it was just a little too easy, even though the end tried to be all indy-film bad news, it didn’t quite live up. There was nothing that made me really care about what was going on. It was just OK.

Boomtown is another story. Written by Graham Yost, who adapted Band of Brothers for HBO, this is going to be a good show. The storytelling method isn’t as revolutionary as the reviewers have made it out to be, but it is an interesting way to introduce all the characters and give the whole picture of the crime. Again, this show is set in LA, and they did a good job of highlighting the fact they were in LA without relying on the landmarks everyone knows (the Hollywood sign, LAX, etc). It was very well acted, even Jason Gedrick, which surprised me. Definitely worth watching. Hopefully, the rest of the season will match up to the Pilot.

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By Kevin Lawver

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