What Would You Say?

Have you seen KEO? You can go and post a 6000 character message that will be sent up into a satellite will supposedly orbit the earth for 50,000 years before returning to earth to be read by our descendants. Ummm, yeah. Anyway, Jon and I came up with some possible missives for the project (all of these are fake and aren’t self-reflective, I swear):

  • Summer of ’02 was r0xx0r!!

  • I WAS SUPERMAN ALL ALONG! Yours Truly, Clark Kent (Jon’s)

  • Hi, I’m your great-great-granddad. In August of 2002, I lived @ 214 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield, USA. Here’s a topographical map. Please come get me and take me to the future. This place sucks.

  • THE TREASURE IS IN THE {-~~signal interrupt-~~} (Again, Jon’s)

  • Your great13 Grandmother was a slut (because in 50k years, you’ll have to use scientific notation on your greats).

  • I sure hope Jill won Survivor.

  • Dude, do aliens really have three eyes and suckers on their fingers?

  • That letter to Penthouse you never mailed.

  • The lyrics to that touching Dave Mathews Band song so everyone in the future will know what a gigantic ass I am

  • “I’m sure no one will read this, but I have to tell someone. In 1985, I kissed a man, and I kinda liked it.” (or some other equally depressing revelation you couldn’t bring yourself to utter in your lifetime)

  • The lyrics of Allanis Morrisette’s Ironic for the same reason you’d include the Dave Mathews Band lyrics. Pretty much pop song lyrics of any sort would show the future that you’re a gigantic ass.

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By Kevin Lawver

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