A Marvelous Rant and a Ramble

This sniper thing in the DC area is driving us all insane. My wife is afraid. Logically, we all know the odds of being struck by space junk while planting pig’s feet in the garden are greater than being a victim of the sniper. But, like Jen says, if you die in a car accident wearing your seat belt, checking your mirrors and following traffic laws, you’ve done what you can do, and it just happened. If you’re hanging out the window, drunk, swerving all over the road, you should have known better. If we decide that going to Home Depot is worth the risk, we’ll go. But, it’s not worth the risk, so we stay home and watch CNN. Personally, I’m not that scared. I’m nervous, and I was sure the bastard would do something tonight, since he hasn’t waited more than seventy-two hours between killing some poor innocent person since he started this thing two weeks ago.

It’s insane, and it’s terrifying, and it’s wrong. There’s no making sense of it, or finding reason in, or listening to the jackasses on CNN try to profile this guy. If the kooks and dorks they had on TV were actually good at what they did, they wouldn’t be on TV. (sorry, i’ve given up on this making any sense… it’s a rant) And what the hell has happened to CNN? They did such a great job in the first month or two after September 11th last year. Now, CNN blows. It’s horrible. Connie Chung has some mental disorder or something. I wouldn’t watch Paula Zahn on a dare, and there are more feel-good filler crap, I thought I sometimes think I’m watching Dateline or 20/20. I want the news, you idiots, not some story about some (insert heart-warming story of someone overcoming some undetermined tragedy to invent the world’s first nuclear-powered yo-yo) when there’s a mass-murdering truck driver in my backyard, my President rides the short bus to the west wing every morning, my government is dead set on going to war, the North Koreans have nukes, the Saudi’s fund terrorism, but we put up with it because they sell us crude. I don’t care about the biggest damn pumpkin in the world. I want news!! I want to know what’s going on, and maybe why from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. And will someone please force Larry King to retire He’s a dottering old idiot with nothing important to say, or meaningful questions to ask. I don’t want to listen to him mutter and hunch to a collection of layed off psychologists about who the sniper might be. Retire, give up… whatever you do, just shut up.

Ok, I feel a little better… but not much.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.


  1. Alisha says:

    And I completly agree…

  2. mkg says:

    sounds like we watched (bolstered by the warmth of fear, insomnia and rampant paranoia) the same show. dig the three “psychiatrists” arguing with one another about how they and the media should characterize this… well, i don’t know what to call… um… it? the lady says call him a sniper. one says it’s a *spree killing,* not a serial murder. and the guy who profiled dillon says… repeatedly “when i profiled thomas lee dillon…” and then… well, i forget the rest.
    and dig that windbag king: “what do you make of the *tarrrut* card?”
    i want to hide. underground bunker. banjo. off the grid. here i go.

  3. philip says:

    TRU TRU I Love THis Site

  4. Kevin says:

    Wow, thanks, Phil!

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