The Daily Show Taping: Recap (Part 1)

  • 45 minutes in the car

  • Three Metro trains

  • 6 flights of stairs

  • .5 mile walk

  • 3 hours in line

  • Seeing Jon Stewart’s hairy legs: Priceless

It was a trek getting there, and standing in line forever was a pain (in the feet to be precise). The show was very funny (much funnier live than on TV). Once we all got in the studio, one of the The Daily Show writers, J.R., came out to “warm us up”. We obviously needed it because we’d all been standing for three hours. He was actually really funny. He did the “hey, and where are YOU from?” bit and ragged on some audience members for a little while. Then, Jon came out and took questions. He was funny and seemed genuine, which is really his whole schtick now. He pulls off the “aww, shucks, I’m a normal guy” act so well, I’m not sure it’s an act. The show finally started (about an hour and fifteen minutes later than they planned). They did the opening of the show, then someone in the control room screwed up and we had to start over (so if you watch the rerun tonight, the first five minutes aren’t as enthusiastic – it’s because we’d heard those jokes already). During the down time during the screw-up and the commercial breaks (which they actually run tape through. They don’t pick up right away), Jon talked to the corespondants, who were standing in front of green screens on either side of the studio. He had a really funny exchange with Stephen Colbert. Then, the studio music started up (thumpy radio rock) and Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms did a nifty little bump and grind routine together while Moe Rocca (who went to high school with a friend of mine) did a weird “Ooh, look at me, I wear a bow tie and am from Georgetown” dance that involved a lot of kicking.

The guest was Senator John Edwards from North Carolina. He was as funny as you expect a real politician to be (as opposed to those rare exceptions like John McCain, Bob Dole and Barney Frank), and is obviously already running for President. Jen says he has her vote because “he’s dreamy”.

I think I’ll hold the other Daily Show stories until later. I’m still under water at work and don’t think I’m coming up for air anytime soon.

And as an added bonus, you can read Action Comics #1 online! Thank you, Internet!

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. You are so lucky. I tried so hard to get tickets for the show, and sadly I didn’t. (and here I’m one of the biggest fans and I even run a website about the show!) I would of stood in line for like two days just to have seen Ed Helms.
    You lucky bastard…

  2. Yes, I am a lucky, lucky bastard. Did you see Jon Stewart on Reliable Sources on Sunday? It would explain why Howard Kurtz was at the taping on Monday.

  3. Yeah, I did. I enjoyed it. I know this may sound immature, but I seriously think that was the first time I’ve heard “damn and ass” on CNN. Maybe its just because I don’t watch a lot of CNN.

  4. Hi Kevin,
    My name is Nina and I’m a big fan of the Daily Show, even though I’m Swedish and live in Sweden.
    The thing is, I recently got a mail saying that I reserved tickets to the show, and that I should print out the mail and bring it to the show. But the weird thing is that the mail did not specify what date I should come or the number of tickets I could have, or anything.
    Did the same thing happen to you?

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