Spiders, Wolfs and Steve McQueen, Oh My!

Jen was sick this weekend so I ran to the local video store and grabbed
some sick-movies. Here’s the recap:

  • Eight Legged Freaks: A small town in Arizona, dumbass, cute cop,
    colorful local characters… big scary monsters killing the population?
    Oh yeah, this is Tremors with more eyes and legs. The spiders
    were pretty cool for the most part. The only real problem I had with
    them is they had too much personality for spiders. I think it would have
    been better if they’d left the funny to the people (although with David
    Arquette, might want to let the spiders try the funnny). Altogether, it
    had some good moments, but it was completely forgettable. Perfect sick

  • Brotherhood of the Wolf: Thankfully, Jen was feeling better by
    the time we started this one. I’d seen the trailers and thought it
    looked different. I figured, hey, it’s a werewolf movie, right? It’s
    French, and set in the late 18th century. The DVD offers either English
    dubbed, or French with English subtitles. I would go for the subtitles.
    The dubbing is sometimes distracting. Past the dubbing, I really liked
    this movie (and so did Jen!). It’s a period, horror, mystery,
    upstairs/downstairs, romance, political thriller. Yeah, really. It’s
    gorgeously shot, well-directed and paced just like you’d expect a French
    horror movie to be. The story is well-told, and we were fully involved
    even though the movie is pretty long. Definitely go rent it – and keep
    an open mind.

Another possible title for this site: Sitting on my butt between the
mainstream and the bleeding edge
. It’s long, but I like it.

My sister wrote all about the
bowling excursion
last night. I bowled two 127’s in a row, which I’m
pretty proud of. I haven’t bowled since the league ended last year, so
woo-hoo me. There’s a certain freedom in bowling alleys. No one’s
expecting anyone else to be quiet, prim, proper or even really that
nice. Everything is in good fun. In that spirit, Heather and I came up
with our new team motto that I’m thinking of having made into a t-shirt:
We bowl straighter than Steve McQueen. Now, this may sound bad,
but it’s really funny in context. Heather has this really funny approach
and release because of her toe. She throws it straight down the alley,
practically no spin. Hell, the ball doesn’t even hardly roll. It’s
hilarious. So, that’s where my horrible motto came from… and I’m not
apologizing for it.

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