Geeky Goodness

Oh yes, you had to know it was coming. Want to run JSP’s or other cool Apache add-ons on your swanky OS X machine? Oh, you say it’s a pain in the butt? Yes, it was. Now you can go get the Complete Apache2 from and throw those worries out the window. They have packages for PHP, mod_perl and JSP. Now, I’m not terribly familiar with Apache, but I’ve loved having it on my Powerbook as a platform for playing with Movable Type. Being able to run a servlet engine on it makes OS X just about perfect, don’t you think?

Shut Up Stupid Brain!

Ok, last night was pretty bad. I’m feeling a little better today. Jen went out and bought the stuff she wanted and seems better (we haven’t talked much – I’m at work). I’m tired. I took a Tylenol PM last night and still didn’t sleep well. It took forever for it to kick in, and then left me with a benadryl hangover this morning.

Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that this whole duct tape and plastic scare is an attempt to revive the economy? I know it’s sick, but this stupid thought won’t get out of my head. If people are out there stocking up, they’re spending money on things they wouldn’t normally buy like bottled water, plastic sheeting, battery powered electronics, etc. In a sick way, Home Depot’s got to be loving this.