Letters to My Congressman

My local congressman, Buddy Carter, sends out a weekly newsletter and this week’s was a doozy. I don’t normally write to him, because I’m not sure it does any good, but I had to in this case. Here’s what I wrote. Feel free to use it and write to your representatives. In your latest newsletter… Continue reading Letters to My Congressman

Dealing With Your Kid’s Email: A Nerd’s Approach

My kids both have Google Ed accounts for their school work, which comes with an email address. Some of the parents in the school’s Facebook group were asking how to set up the school email account on their phones, which feels like overkill to me. I don’t log in to my kid’s email – I… Continue reading Dealing With Your Kid’s Email: A Nerd’s Approach

Murray Wilson Is Awesome

My pal Murray Wilson does great things – he and AWOL take kids the system doesn’t want and teaches them to take apart, clean and refurbish computers the system doesn’t want – computers that would otherwise go to the landfill. They then put linux on them and put them out into the community with families… Continue reading Murray Wilson Is Awesome

My Slides from Future of Social Media

Making Marketing More Human Through Technology View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: cluetrain tumblr) I finished speaking at *The Future of Social Media”… it was fun telling them not to join twitter if they’re just going to be marketers and not actually be human. I told them other stuff too, I think.\ I… Continue reading My Slides from Future of Social Media

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Epic iFail: AT&T and the Circular Phone Tree from Hell

When I left AOL, I gave them back my Blackberry, and have since been either without a phone completely or using Jen’s bright pink Razr. I want a new iPhone, but waited a little while to get past the initial rush. Well, this afternoon was supposed to be the day. I called up the local… Continue reading Epic iFail: AT&T and the Circular Phone Tree from Hell

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Social Networking Mashups

I’m speaking today at The Social Networking Conference about social networking mashups. I decided to turn it on its head a little bit and do an introduction on portable social networking instead, because what is it but a big ol’ mashup of identity, relationships and content?\ If you’re at the conference, I’ll see you at… Continue reading Social Networking Mashups