Mmmm, Flakes

We’re bracing for a gigantic snowstorm. 8-12 inches in one day is like
three feet in Minnesota. They’ve cancelled church, which never ever
happens. I think I’ve had church cancelled on me maybe three times in my
entire life, and once was because we weren’t allowed to leave the base
to attend (I was five and Germany was a little crazy with Iranian
terrorists at the time). I’m relieved we’re worried about an act of
nature, and not madmen. I can deal with snow. Snow is predictable. Snow
falls, lands and accumulates. Terrorists plan, skulk, threaten,

Someone said today that snow’s the best thing that could have happened
this weekend. Snow mutes everything: sound, fire, chemical and
biological agents, and even dirty bombs. So, whoever’s responsible for
all this snow, thanks.

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