Valentine’s En Francais

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I took the day off, so we had all day to be all romantical. I went and got a haircut in the morning, because I was dang unsexy with my mess of hair. Cynthia did her normal excellent work, maximizing the head of hair given to her. I looked rather smashing coming out of the salon, let me tell you. Then, I went and picked up some flowers for Jen and surprised her with them when I got home. We bundled Max up, stuffed him in the car and dropped him of at my mom’s house for the night. We then drove out to Leesburg to try out The Eiffel Tower Cafe (official site | Digital Cities info and user reviews). If you live in the area, and haven’t had French food in a while, definitely try it out.

Unfortunately, my poor body isn’t used to all that rich food and revolted shortly after we got home. I’m not sure which part of the meal it was that did it, and I’m sure it wasn’t food poisoning, but let’s just say I had a rather turbulent Valentine’s Day evening.

We ended up watching The Bourne Identity in between my runs up and down the stairs. I ended up going to bed early, completely exhausted by my ordeal.

Hopefully lunch made up for my indisposed condition…

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