Voila! Redesign Done Enough To Show

Ok, this is pretty much it. There are still some unpleasant chores to do, but pretty much everything’s done. I’ve checked it in Mozilla, Safari and IE for OS X, and as soon as I get back to the office, I’ll check it in IE for Windows. If you notice anything crazy, please post a comment. What do you think?

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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  1. Pretty spiffy. Scales nicely in IE6/W2K. If I had any suggestions for improvement, I would break the logo in half and float both sections to the left so that it wraps when the window width goes below 575. However, I don’t know if that conflicts with your positioning.
    I tested in Opera6/W2K and the only glitch is that the photos did not appear. Everything else showed up just as in IE.

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