Completely Selfish Thought Of The Day

Just my luck, GW is going to start a war on my birthday. It’s bad enough he’s spoiling St Patrick’s Day, the last holiday we have that means absolutely nothing. He’s going to go turn my birthday into a date that’s going to show up in trivia questions for the rest of eternity.

Worse than it being my birthday, if GW decides that March 20th is the day we go to war, he’ll be spoiling Mr. Rogers birthday as well, which really should be a national holiday, if you ask me. You can see who else’s birthday a March 20th war would mar, including Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, Bobby Orr, Hal Linden, Carl Reiner, Ozzie Nelson, Big Bird and Henrik Ibsen. Come on, President Bush, wait at least until the 21st, then you’re only ruining Bach, Mathew Broderick and Howard Cosell’s birthdays.