Dissent Protects Democracy

Now there’s a protest sign I can get behind. The bomb with “Your Name Here” on it looks great, but doesn’t say what I want to say. The only things I can think of to sum up my feelings that would fit on a protest sign are (and feel free to use these on a poster if you want):

  • I Think George W. Bush Is A Big Fat Doody

  • Make Dip Not War (maybe that should be “Don’t Let Dips Start Wars”)

  • Just Cuz I Don’t Like President Bush Doesn’t Mean I Like Saddam

  • I Support Out Troops. I Don’t Support Inept, Corrupt Administrations

  • My Enemy’s Enemy Is Not My Friend, Mr. Bush

  • Since We Gave Him Those Weapons, Can’t We Just Recall Them?

  • What Else Did You Sell Him, Mr. Vice President?

  • Poor Colin Powell – It Doesn’t Look Like He Even Believes What’s Coming Out Of His Mouth (ok, maybe this won’t fit)

  • Why Is The Draft Dodger So Hip To Start This Thing?

  • Those Who Start Wars Have Rarely Fought In One

  • Mearde is ‘Freedom’ For BS

We had a little party for work tonight and we ended up talking about President Bush, the war and how ashamed we are of the President. It was enlightening how many people we got around the table who all felt the same way, and all on accident. It wasn’t a meeting of the Anti-Bush Superfriends of anything. Thankfully, we didn’t spend all night on Bush, Cheney and the Funky Bunch. I got some great lines in. My favorite of the night was, “Yeah, ‘concubine’ is my favorite word in the Bible. It sounds like a car… Coming this spring, the Chrysler Concubine! Of course, it’s a rental.” The rental part really got ’em. I’m a comedic genius.

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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.