Max’s Happy Music

I decided that today was a good day to make Max a happy music CD of stuff he should like (should in that it would be wise for him to like it, not that I think he’ll like). It may end up being a multi-volume set. Today, volume one:

  1. If I Had A Boat – Lyle Lovett – Ok, this one’s a slam dunk. Max loves this song, as do I. We used to sing it every night before bed during our bedtime Story/Song/Prayer/Love you, goodnight ritual.

  2. Minimum Wage – They Might Be Giants – I loved TMBG, and they’re funny enough that Max probably will too. If he likes this one, I’m running out to get their album of kids’ songs.

  3. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince – Max is all about going crazy.

  4. Funky Music (Fatboy Slim Mix) – Hardy Hard – From the Essential Millenium album, this one just makes me wanna move. Max likes to move ,so logical move, no?

  5. The Time Warp – Dr. Frank N Furter – Who doesn’t love to do the Time Warp?

  6. Canary In A Coalmine – The Police – Early Police makes me shake my butt, and Max loves Ska. It was either this or Man In A Suitcase

  7. Back On The Train – Phish – This song has a great bouncy rhythm and is a lot of fun to sing along with. Max will sing Phish in the car if it’s on, so hey, why not this one?

  8. Cars Trucks Buses – Phish – This is a short instrumental from Billy Breathes that just screams happy. A little break from words to catch his breath before we move on to…

  9. Particle Man – THBG – If you went to high school in the early nineties, I know you know all the words to this song still.

  10. Raspberry Beret – Prince – This one is on here so Jen can tell her “Rags, baby, hooray” story to Max.

  11. Mr. Jones – Talking Heads – This song kicks some serious salsa ass. The horns alone are worth putting it on the disc.

  12. New Sensation – INXS – Power pop, Australian Eighties style. Tell me you don’t want to get up and dance in that floppy leather jacket Michael Hutchence way. You don’t? You’re a liar.

  13. Delirious – Prince – Yeah, there’s a lot of Prince on this one. I loved Prince when I was ten… no, not that way. His early stuff, especially the stuff on this disc just makes me happy, especially the synth riff at the beginning of this song.

  14. I Love Being Here With You – Six Feet Under Soundtrack – Goin’ Old School with this one. It’s jazzy. Gotta have a breather after Delirious

  15. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – TMBG – If you had it, you’d put it on a mix CD for your kid too. Come on, admit it.

  16. Hey Baby – No Doubt – I think this is the first song after If I Had A Boat that Max learned the words to.

  17. Deeply Dippy – Right Said Fred – They’re not just I’m Too Sexy. This is an amazingly cute song from the same album. It just makes me smile.

  18. 1999 – Prince – Yes, we danced in 1999, even though Max was very little.

  19. Blind – Talking Heads – Rips almost as much as Mr. Jones. Plus, David Byrne is just funny.

  20. Le Flic Et La Fille – Arling & Cameron – More power horns and happy jumpin’ beats. A little break before…

  21. Turning Japanese – Skankin’ Pickle – How could I not put this song on the disc?

  22. Heavy Things – Phish – Another bouncy Phish song. Plus it’s about heavy things falling on people, which is automatically funny.

  23. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – REM – How could I resist this challenge? If Max memorizes the words to this one, I’ll buy him a Corvette.

I hope Max likes it…

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