When The Rambos Do Something…

They don’t kid around. Not only do
Dawson and
Annie both have blogs, but now
has one too. What next guys, the cat?

Pretty soon, they’ll be
RSS Feedin’ pros. I feel partly
responsible for inflicting the addiction on them. Really, I do. This all
started with a simple “Hey, how do I get a blog for my wife?” and it’s
ballooned into a family obsession (yes, I’m probably hyperbolizing here,
but play along). You know this is all my vain attempt to get them
traffic, right? It’s like trying to start a fire with a piece of string
and a thimble (because how much traffic do I get? Not a whole lot).

Where is this going? I have no idea… all this posting today is my way
of avoiding work and staying awake until I can go home (well, go to
Safeway and get Max’s medicine and THEN go home).

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