Friday Night TV

Thank goodness for TiVo. There’s now so much good stuff late on Friday night that I can’t believe trying to keep up without having TiVo handle it all for me. Let’s go over the list:

  • Ali G: It’s hard to say which show is funnier, but Ali G is one of the two funniest half hours on TV. The things he gets away with saying because of his outrageous accents are just brilliant. Submersive and somehow innocent, it will knock you on your funny bone, snap its finger in your face and show you its drawers as it walks away.

  • Penn & Teller: My wife hates Penn & Teller, but loves this show. They take the things no one else is willing to take on (but everyone is pretty sure is BS, but either doesn’t have the time or the stones to say so) and debunks them in the funniest possible way. The bottled water one last night was absolutely priceless.

  • Real Time With Bill Maher: I don’t really like Bill Maher. Really, I don’t. But, the panels are usually interesting. Paul F. Thompkins’ segments are very funny, and he’s committed to showcasing stand-up comedians. Sarah Silverman was really funny the first show, and Eric Idle was awesome last week. Worth watching for those alone (especially because you can fast forward through the other parts.

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By Kevin Lawver

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