7 thoughts on “Your Name – Underpantsified

  1. ahhh yes…. we’ve been doing this for the past couple of days at work. Fun, eh??
    Loppy AppleSniffer

  2. You can’t fight fate, Daws. Forevermore you are Oprah Applemouth. Get used to it. Learn to love your Oprah-ness. Start calling Annie “Steadman” and start a book club. Make people feel guilty for not being perfect and talk about “spirit” in a non-denominational, touchy-feely, inoffensive manner. Start a magazine and put yourself on the cover everything. I believe in you, Oprah Applemouth.

  3. Poopsie Applekisser, reporting for duty! Or, if I’d like to stick to my nickname, then I’m Fluffy GiggleHiney. I think I prefer the latter. 🙂
    I also translated a few of my friends’ names. My favorite is Lumpy BubbleBuns, or Squeezit BubbleGerbil. Hehehe…

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