Your Name – Underpantsified

Go create your Captain Underpants name at GeekGrrl. I couldn’t resist, and I am proud to report that my Underpants-generated name is Squeezit Applekisser. I couldn’t be happier. Max’s is Skipper Applekisser, and Jen’s is Zippy Applekisser, and her maiden name is Applepants.

7 thoughts on “Your Name – Underpantsified

  1. You can’t fight fate, Daws. Forevermore you are Oprah Applemouth. Get used to it. Learn to love your Oprah-ness. Start calling Annie “Steadman” and start a book club. Make people feel guilty for not being perfect and talk about “spirit” in a non-denominational, touchy-feely, inoffensive manner. Start a magazine and put yourself on the cover everything. I believe in you, Oprah Applemouth.

  2. Poopsie Applekisser, reporting for duty! Or, if I’d like to stick to my nickname, then I’m Fluffy GiggleHiney. I think I prefer the latter. 🙂
    I also translated a few of my friends’ names. My favorite is Lumpy BubbleBuns, or Squeezit BubbleGerbil. Hehehe…

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