Found Music Part Quoi?

I spent this afternoon working on documents, experimenting with crazy CSS stuff and listening to music long forgotten in the bowels of my office downstairs. I went through the four hundred or so CD’s down there last night and picked out some old stuff to bring to work. So far this afternoon I’ve listened to:

  • Tripping Daisy: I’m An Elastic Firecracker: This album rocks… really. It’s got great hooks and is pretty funny too. It’s a really good album if you’re in the mood for some arty hard rock.

  • R.L. Burnside: Too Bad Jim: Real Delta Blues from a guy who looks like he’s really got ’em. He’s not screwin’ around. The sound is extremely raw, but the guitar work is sure, and Mr. Burnside’s voice carries the pain and anger better than most. This was his first album. I got Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey, and it didn’t have the same raw energy of this one. A great introduction to real blues.

  • The Presidents of the United States: Self-Titled: Who doesn’t remember Peaches and Lump? A great funny two-string guitar album. Throw it in with the windows down on a summer’s day and all your cares are forgotten.

  • 2nu: Ponderous: It took me forever to find a copy of this to buy. Someone in high school loaned me the tape once and I just fell in love. Other than the one song where they actually sing, this is a great album of funny spoken word pieces set to music. It will make you giggle, guaranteed.

Yeah, it was that kind of day… And I still have to hang out for another meeting that will keep me here past six. Then, I’m going to go work out and try out my new MP3 CD Player with my new “workout collection”. The fun never ends around here… if I’m not dead when I get home, I’ll tell you all about the fantabulous dinner I made last night.

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By Kevin Lawver

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