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Action Tin Toy has the coolest freebies. The wallpaper and icons are retro-gorgeous. The icons alone are reason enough to switch to a Mac (ok, grasping at straws, but you really should think about it).

I’ve got some new things I want to try here. I want to write longer entries, but still keep the short “Ooh, go check this out” option open. There are lots of ways to do this, and a lot of people do it… It’s my turn. Look for some changes around here in the next few weeks (you know, as I get time).

In other good news, I got a new Powerbook! It’s the same model as I had before (TiBook 550), but it has more RAM! Things run so much better now that I’m not running out of RAM all the time. Good good stuff.

In related news, and another fine reason to use OS X, it is extremely easy to restore all your crap in OS X. First, just backup the Library directory from your home directory. Then, when you get your new Mac, install all your apps, create a user with the same name as the old one, and copy the contents of the old Library folder into the new Library folder. Voila, all your saved passwords in Mozilla, all your old mail, and bookmarks! How cool is that?

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