Do You Have a… ?

This one’s from Jen:

Heather, Kevin’s younger sister – note I didn’t say little – is starting to have multiple suitors. Max has met one, Jeremy, and has heard about the another one, Paul. Out of the blue, Max said to me, “Do you have a pa?” I said, “Pa? Yes, I have a dad, Grandpa Brian is my dad.” He said emphetically, “Paulllllll.” Then he said , “Jeremy.” I said, “oh, I don’t have a Paul or Jeremey, I have a Kevin. So, no, I don’t have a Paul. I just have your daddy. Paul and Jeremy want to date Heather. But I only date your daddy, Kevin.” It was a funny conversation. But I don’t know how much he got out of it.

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By Kevin Lawver

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