Dear Nancy Pelosi

I got your “letter” yesterday asking me to send money to the Democratic National Campaign Commitee. While I appreciate the address labels, at this time I can not donate money in good conscience. You may ask yourself why. The Democrats haven’t done anything to earn any of my hard earned money. You and your fellow Representatives and the Senators of the Democratic party have failed to mount even a token resistance to the President and the Republicans’ extreme agenda. The party is in disarray and from the looks of the current crop of folks running for President, it looks like George W. Bush may win re-election.\
If the leadership of the Democratic party gets their act together and puts up real resistance, I’ll consider donating to the cause. For now, I’m waiting for you to prove it to me that you’re willing to put up a fight.\
I’m waiting anxiously for the Virginia Democratic Primary so I can vote for Howard Dean. Do I think he’ll win? No, but he’s the only member of the current crop of candidates who’s willing to ask the hard questions and come out against the President’s far-right agenda (and not look mad doing it, sorry Congressman Kucinich) with the vigor it deserves. If only the rest of the party could follow his lead and be as passionate.\
Kevin Lawver

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By Kevin Lawver

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