Howard Dean on Meet The Press

Ok, I know I told Nancy Pelosi I was voting for Dean last night. That was a bit of an exagerration. I wasn’t sure. Seeing him on Meet the Press this morning helped tip the scale. He was thoughtful and intelligent and gave some answers I agree with. That would have been OK and completely unimpressive had it not been for his answers about parental notification. I went in disagreeing with his position. The answers he gave didn’t really change my mind, but he showed the thought process that went into making his decision and that process was logical. I don’t agree with him on this issue, but I definitely respect him for being willing to talk about the events that led him to take the position he has.\
It was a tough interview. Tim Russert took it to him, as he should. Russert’s a great interviewer, and especially tough when someone’s new to the national stage. It’s the toughest interview I’ve seen on the show since Dick Cheney sometime last year (don’t remember exactly when, just remember Tim hammering him on several issues). I can’t imagine President Bush holding up and answering intelligently, or even being able to defend his positions under that kind of questioning.\
I’m still not sold 100%, but Dean’s a solid candidate, and I hope he does well. He shows that there is some fight in the Democrats and we might not be stuck with GW for another four years.

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By Kevin Lawver

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