Me? Golfing?

I went golfing today. No, really, I’m serious. I played a whole 18 holes of serious man golf from the grown-up tees. In the picture, the fearsome foursome: my dad, Mike the first time golfer, Chuck the good golfer, and me, the guy who hasn’t golfed in over a decade. There are many pictures of our links hijinks.\
We ended up in the middle of the best-ball scramble with a respectable six over par. I contributed a lot more than I thought I would, and played tons better than I used to when dad took us out when I was a lot younger. Here are my personal accomplishments on the course today.

  • I sank a forty-foot putt, with a generous left to right break

  • I sank two other pretty long putts for birdies

  • I had one gigantic 240-yard drive right down the middle of the fairway

  • I was surprisingly consistent for having not played. In the middle of the round, I was consistently making contact, even if the direction was a little wild

  • I did swell putting. Really swell.

Now? I’m going to take my sore back and oddly sunburned body. Remember, if you sunblock, make sure you get everywhere. If you leave the spots next to your ears, under your sideburns onblocked, you’ll end up with beet-red flesh sideburns. Mmmm, attractive.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Sounds like fun. But just where are you going to take your body and sunburn? Sounds like a cliffhanger to me…

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