Not In Team?

Possible reponses that may fly out of my mouth the next time someone
says “There’s no I in TEAM” (inspired by
– thanks, Ray!):

  • There’s no YOU in it either.

  • There’s no chocolate in TEAM, which is why I‘m not there.

  • Yes, but there is a ME.

  • I go by MEAT when I’m in a TEAM, which is why you
    didn’t see me.

  • This isn’t about spelling. This is serious! Everyone knows there’s no
    I in TEAM. It’s spelled T – E – A -M. You should
    learn to spell and stop relying on spellcheck, honestly.

  • That’s true, but there is a U in DUMB. (there’s also a U
    in STUPID, but there’s also an I, which is why I used DUMB)

That was fun… got any to add?

2 thoughts on “Not In Team?

  1. I’ve always used the line….
    “There’s no I in team, but there’s a ME!”
    Usually I am the only one who gets it. Having to explain the joke just makes it not funny anymore. 🙁

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