Beer Nuts and Genius

Michael Barrish is a genius. Not only are his posts thoughtful, a little too personal, and well-written, but he throws in great pearls of wisdom like, “

So, that demo thing I did last week? I did it again, only this time in front of about three hundred co-workers. I was way more nervous this time than I was last week. Maybe it’s because I knew a lot of the crowd. Maybe it’s because I was all alone up there with a mike. Maybe it’s because I only found out about it an hour before it happened and had nothing prepared (in true “wingin’ it style”).

I think I did a good job explaining blogging to a bunch of folks who’ve never seen one. Well, honestly, other than getting a couple laughs, I honestly have no memory of what I said.

3 thoughts on “Beer Nuts and Genius

  1. Remember what Sienfeld said: People fear public speaking more than death. So if you’re at a funeral, you’re better off in the box than giving the euolegy.

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