Sick, I am. Sick like a dog who’s sick. Sick like a joke that’s sick. I’m feverish, fatigued and unfortunately at work. I took Tuesday off, went home early yesterday to sleep, but here I am today, like a trooper. I’m sure I’m infecting everyone. I read an article in this month’s Smithsonian about the West Nile Virus, and now I’ve got all the symptoms. Am I a hypochondriac? Was I just in line to get sick? What’s wrong with me?

My goodness, is it hot in here? I wish I had a thermometer…

3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. sounds like west nile.
    get ready for spinal tap.
    (seriously, feel better.)
    (it sorta does sound like west nile.)
    (this is probably bad karma.)
    (it’s because i care.)
    (see a doctor, no really.)

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